Sunday 4 May 2014

From Behind the Easel: Animals with Attitude

From Behind the Easel: Animals with Attitude

‘Rough-Legged Hawk’ | 16”x12” | acrylic on board

When I feel compelled to paint an animal, it is usually because of their innate beauty or unique pose that enhances a composition.  Sometimes I am simply drawn to an animal’s attitude or personality.  This is certainly the case with this rough-legged hawk.  While he is a beautiful specimen in his own right, what I love is the regal way in which he carries himself with human-like poise.  He looks good and I think he knows it!

Anyone with pets or who has spent a lot of time around animals knows they have very distinct personalities.  We also know that animals are  capable of complex emotions and feelings.  Sometimes when I am photographing animals, I will quietly ask certain “models” if they would like to be featured in a painting.  Believe it or not, this usually leads to them holding a specific angle I am hoping to capture.  Coincidence, maybe, but I like to believe animals are operating on a higher level than we imagine! 

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