Saturday 17 May 2014

From Behind the Easel: Morning Has Broken

'Morning Has Broken' | Okanagan Valley | 24" x 36" Oil

I am not by nature a morning person. I have always loved working late into the night when the quiet stillness somehow makes you feel like you are the only one still awake in the world. I love the idea that I am squeezing some extra hours out of the day. Consequently, getting up in the morning is hard. However, when I do get up early and have a productive start to my day, I can completely understand why people love packing in a few hours of quality time before the world has awakened. My painting “Morning Has Broken” came from a very early morning plein air painting trip I took near Penticton, British Columbia in the Okanagan Valley. I was working on a small painting of the mirror reflections of the distant shore, when the first rays of sun crested the hill we were on and poured through the valley opening to my left. It was such a moving and joyous experience that I knew right away I had witnessed a future painting. Perhaps if I didn’t work so late into the night painting, I could wake up early more often! This piece is available through Harrison Galleries:

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