Monday 24 August 2015

From Behind The Easel: Buster

“Buster”, 9”x12” oil on canvas

This was a fun little painting I did from a trip we took to a farm in New Jersey. Near the end of the day, just before heading to the cars, I decided to poke my head into the stable that seemed unoccupied. To my surprise there was a horse inside with a nameplate over his stall that read “Buster”. I snapped a few reference photos and headed home.

When it came time to do this piece I was reminded of the fabulous light that John Singer Sargent employed in some of his Italian interior paintings. I decided to give Buster some of this Sargent-inspired lighting to brighten his day. 

Saturday 8 August 2015

From Behind The Easel: The Challenge

“The Challenge” (Detail), 24”x18” oil on canvas

Here’s a WIP of two red-winged blackbirds fighting for territory based on the wonderful photos of our dear friend, artist Ann Chaikin.

Please take a look at some of her work - her personal blog, her photography blog, her painting blog, her PBase, her Flickr, and her Facebook display her paintings and photography, and also serve as fountains of inspiration for any art-loving individual.