Tuesday 27 May 2014

Inspiring Image: Artist Frederick Mulhaupt

Frederick Mulhaupt (1871-1938) was an American painter specializing in East coast harbour scenes and landscapes in the early 20th century.  He concentrated most of his efforts in Cape Ann, Massachusetts, and often depicted the fishing and working docks.   Mulhaupt, along with Winslow Homer, helped romanticize Gloucester with his beautiful paintings that showed the area in every season.

He was often seen working on studies directly from life which he then took back to his studio to help him create larger masterpieces.  These small works, often 8”x10”, are full of energy, and show his keen eye for color and value.  

In the selected painting, you can see his frenetic brushwork rushing to capture the fading light of the day as the shadows creep further into his frame.  He expertly implies detail with carefully layered paint that resembles a jigsaw puzzle.  What a gem!

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