Saturday 21 June 2014

From Behind the Easel: Pacific Rhythm

 Pacific Rhythm | 18”x36” | acrylic on board

This coming week we will be in the San Francisco Bay Area to help celebrate my youngest brother’s wedding.  As we return to our home of seven years, I am reminded of many wonderful times.  We loved to hike along the coast where the primordial elements come together in sometimes harsh, but always fascinating and beautiful ways.  Storms rolling in across the ocean inspire both awe and respect for the power you can literally feel as waves crash against the shore.

My painting “Pacific Rhythm” is from reference gathered near Halfmoon Bay just south of San Francisco along Highway 1.  Our planned hike originally had us continuing along this stretch of beach for a while, but as the storm rolled in and the tide rose quickly, we didn’t go beyond the rocky point seen here in the painting.  We were warned by some local folks that we would likely get stranded until the tide receded after midnight if we did.  Worse yet, we could easily get swept out to sea by the rising swells and crashing waves.  We opted for a hot chocolate at a cozy café instead, and I lived to paint the picture you see here.

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